Hairstyles Pictures Gallery Plus Cutting & Styling Instructions for the ‘Layered Short Hairstyles’ Category

Edgy Blonde Bob Haircut

Edgy Blonde Wispy Bob Haircut.


Short Cute Brunette Haircut

Cute Brunette Wispy Short Hairstyle.

Short Brunette Edgy Haircut

Cute Red Curly Short Haircut

Short Layered Pixie Haircut

Very Short Pixie HaircutThis Very Short Pixie Haircut is cut Short above the ears and Length in back is cut to the Neckline.  Short layers are cut throughout interior.  Texturizing is also added to the top to give it some lift.  This Pixie is as easy to maintain as they come…if your willing to cut it all off!

TO STYLE:  Shampoo with a Volumizing Shampoo followed by a Light Conditioner.  Apply a Light Hold Styling Product to Damp Hair and Blow-dry, direct the hair in the direction you prefer as you dry the hair with your fingers.  Warm up some Styling Wax in your hands, and use your fingertips to finish the Hairstyle and hold.  This Pixie looks really cute with a few Spikes in the crown.

Funky Razor Layered Haircut

Funky Layered HaircutFunky Layered Haircut

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