Hairstyles Pictures Gallery Plus Cutting & Styling Instructions for the ‘Long Length Hairstyles’ Category

Beautiful Long Length Face Framed Hairstyle

Beautiful Long Length Face Framed HairstyleBeautiful Long Face Framed Hairstyle.  The Length of this Face Framed Hairstyle is Cut to the middle of the back.  Slight Long Layers are cut through-out the interior, as well as a Face Frame along the sides.  The Bang has a few short wisps Cut along the front.  This is a Beautiful Classy Long Length Hairstyle.  Apply a Smoothing Serum to damp hair (70% dry) and divide hair into sections.  Blow dry sections under with a large barrel Round Brush.  Blow-dry the Top Layer of hair (behind the bang)  Up-and-Under so the Round Brush rests on top of your head.  Blow-drying the top section of the hair back is how you create the little flip on the side.  Use a flat iron if necessary to smooth and polish then finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.


Long Length Layered Curled Hairstyle

Cute Long Length HairstyleThe Length of this Long Length Hairstyle is cut below the Shoulders, Framed around the Face and Layered through-out the interior.  To style…blow dry hair almost completely dry, then use a large round brush to smooth and curl ends under while blow-drying the rest of the hair til completely dry.  Apply a heat protectant to dry hair and curl small sections with a medium barrel curling iron.  After you’ve curled the entire head, use a pomade on your fingertips to separate curls and add shine.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.


Curled Long Length Layered Haircut Picture Full Thick Bang

Curled Long Length Layered Haircut Picture Model has a Thick Hair Texture and Length is Long.  Bangs are cut far back on top, and the Bang is also cut Wider than average for a very Thick Bang. Long Layers are Cut through-out interior.

Cute 60’s Vintage Inspired Hippie Long Length Hairstyle

Cute Vintage Inspired Hippie Long Length HairstyleThis is a really Cute 60’s Vintage looking Hairstyle. The Blonde Hair, the Long Wavy Length, or the Skinny Braids that are used as a Headband across the Forehead.  It’s hard to know exactly how the Braids are placed in this Hairstyle..Our guess is a few (3-4)  Skinny Braids are Braided and then “banded” in place on the outside of the hair, and also in the interior of the hair, going across the forehead. Ask Your Stylist Opinion on the Braids..It’s a Cute Vintage Looking Hairstyle.

Long Length Beautiful Curled Haircut

Long Length Beautiful Curled HaircutClassic Beautiful Long Length Layered Hairstyle. Length is cut well past shoulders and Layers are cut through-out interior. Very Beautiful Long Length Hairstyle.

Long Length Soft Curled Vintage Look Haircut

Long Length Soft Curled Vintage Look HaircutThis Beautiful Soft Curled Long Hairstyle is cut to a length well past the shoulders, and Longer Soft Layers are cut throughout the interior.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Volumizing Product to Clean, Damp Hair and Blow-dry completely.  To add Soft curls at the Bottom use Hot Rollers or Velcro Rollers and roll up Medium Sections of hair just at the bottom.  Curling  just the bottom will allow the top to stay smooth and straight and just the bottom of the Hairstyle will have a slight Wavy Curl.  Brush out curls with a Natural Bristle Brush and finish will a Light Hairspray.

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