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Haircolor Guide

DEMI-PERMANENT COLOR has no ammonia and a low percentage of peroxide, so it can’t lighten hair.  It will enable you to stay at the same natural color level or darker and can be used to warm hair up, making it more golden or red, or to cool it down to a more natural or ashy tone.  It does penetrate the hair cuticle so it can be used to cover or blend gray.

SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR also has a low percentage of peroxide and no ammonia.  It only coats the hair and typically washes out between 6-20 shampoo’s; it can also be used for temporary looks or to refresh ends.

PERMANENT COLOR uses ammonia or ammonia-like chemicals to open the cuticle and deposit color.  It can take you lighter or darker and is the most effective at covering gray.

BALAYAGE is a free-hand hair coloring technique using bleach without foils to create highlights.  Hair is usually separated into sections with cotton or plastic wrap.

HIGHLIGHTS are lighter pieces that accent a darker base, adding dimension and contrast.  LOWLIGHTS are darker pieces that add dimension and depth or darken hair.

GLOSS & GLAZE are really the same.  They can be used for shine or to deposit a translucent color that “tones” highlights or color.

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