Hairstyles Pictures Gallery Plus Cutting & Styling Instructions for the ‘Edgy Hairstyles’ Category

Funky Short Blonde Haircut

Short Blonde Funky Textured HaircutThis Short Funky Blonde Haircut has lots of Dis-connected, UN-even, Textured Layers cut throughout the interior.  The length is cut short to the neckline in the back and angled longer towards the sides.  A Full rounded “scoop’ shape Bang is cut across the front.  A Texturizing Razor can be used to create the UN-even Layers throughout the hair, and make this Short Style Edgy and Sassy.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Medium-hold styling product to clean, damp hair and Blow-dry randomly off to one side.  When completely dry use a flat iron to style the rest of the hair into place.  Use a Wax or Pomade warmed up in your hands to piece-out or flip-up strands of hair if necessary.

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