Hairstyles Pictures Gallery Plus Cutting & Styling Instructions for the ‘Edgy Hairstyles’ Category

Super Short Haircut

Very Short Length HaircutThis Extremely Short Haircut is so short it almost looks like it was cut with Clippers with a Long Length attachment.  The back and sides are cut very short, clippers may be used to achieve the short length.  The top is cut slightly longer than the sides and back.  Length on top measures to roughly 1 inch long.  The front bang area can be left slightly longer than the top, so that the bang can be rounded across the front and blend into the sideburns.  Sideburns may also be left slightly longer so that there can be wisps on both sides.  Rounding the front and leaving wispy sides is what softens this very short hairstyle.

TO STYLE:  Wash and go!!..Use a Volumizing shampoo, blow-dry or air-dry completely.  If you’d like to add a little shine to the hair, warm up a dab of pomade in your hands, run your fingers through your hair.  This Short Haircut should take about 5 minutes to style, give or take a minute.  This Hairstyle is as low maintenance as they come, but it takes a brave girl to go that short.


Funky Razor Layered Haircut

Funky Layered HaircutFunky Layered Haircut

Medium Length Texture Haircut

Medium Length Textured HaircutMedium Length Textured Haircut

Short Texture Brunette Haircut

Short Textured HairstyleShort Textured Hairstyle

Razor Brunette Short Haircut

Razored Brunette Short HaircutRazored Brunette Short Haircut

Edgy Bi-Level Blonde Haircut

Edgy Bi-Level HairstyleEdgy Bi-Level Hairstyle

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