Short Length Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut

Short Length Edgy Asymmetrical HaircutThis Short Length Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut is cut Slightly Longer on one side, so the hair covers the ear. Layers are cut tapered on the sides and back and gradually get longer towards the top.  The Layers on top are “point cut” meaning the layers are not cut straight across,  they are cut with points on the ends.  You get a more Spikey Textured Look to the Hairstyle.  The Full Bang across the front is also “point cut” giving the Bang a jagged look instead of a Blunt look.  Hairstyle is Sassy and easy to maintain and style.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Volumizing Product to clean, damp hair and Blow-dry hair the Bang area forward using a Small/Medium Barrel Round Brush.  Also dry the Back and Sides under with the round brush.  Use a Texturizing Paste to Spike-up the top or Piece-out random strands of hair.  Finish with a Light Hairspray.  This Sassy Short Style has a little extra “edge” with the asymmetrical sides and Spikey top.

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